What's Your Favorite Shania Twain Memory?

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Louis_Scarantino's picture

October 26th, 2013, I went to see her in Vegas. I heard a couple months prior that she was going to bring fans on stage. I dreamed I would be one of them as I'm on the autism spectrum. I was in the 11th row on the end. She called fans up that night and I took it upon myself to take a one in a million chance and I got on stage with her. I got a hug from her on stage and she then took my hand, guided me to that stone where I was going to sit and I sat right next to her for the next three songs. I shared the story with the autism community many times. If I ever got to meet Shania Twain again, I would just like to tell her thank you for changing my life forever. I hope I can someday.