It's been a longggg 15 years but the day has finally arrived!! Incredibly excited to share a preview of my new single 'Life's About To Get Good' - released next month! Thanks to NBC Olympics for the feature.



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nandersonva922's picture

Fantastic as always, Shania! Still the One!! Welcome back, Shania!!!! I have waited and waited for a new album from you! You are a great entertainer/performer!!! I saw you in Las Vegas and was blown away by your performance!!!

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Welcome back Shania, we have been looking so forward to this day for a very long time, and share with us again your beautiful talent and music.  You were an inspiration to us before you got married, giving up all you had including putting your dream on hold to raise your sibling's after the tragic car accidents with loosing both your parents.  Then to go through betrayal, heartache, pain and to come out on top at the other end and put it all together in a song and share with us your fans who love and will always support you from the long white cloud of New Zealand, weather it be attending your concerts or buying your music the country with the biggest heart will always be here to love you. ALWAYS.