How’s this going to go down? Shania Twain will tell you.

“You can stand during this show,” Twain told her full-house crowd at Zappos Theater on Saturday night. “Get your butts up and out of your seats. This is a party.”

So simple. With equal measures of confidence and comfort, Twain opened her “Let’s Go!” residency this weekend at the Planet Hollywood theater.

The show illustrates Twain’s seemingly seamless range as an artist. While it’s common for music artists to reinvent themselves over the course of a career, Twain manages it between numbers.

She opens with a song indicative of her rock-country attitude, “Rock This Country,” ascending down a red-carpeted staircase, the American flag flying across the LED screens and flames firing from the stage. Twain’s octet of backing dancers, who give the show additional Vegas panache, spend much of the show shirtless and wearing assorted vests.

Given Twain’s Canadian heritage, these gents could be known as the Thunder From Up North.

Soon, she’s seated on the fully stocked bar at the Twain Saloon, casually imbibing from a sparkly sippy cup, not knowing if the clear beverage is gin or vodka. “I prefer champagne,” she says. “I’ll drink it through a straw. I need to conserve my lipstick!”

Hey. Idea. Shania Shampagne, served in commemorative bedazzled cups, should be offered at Zappos Theater.

As the creative director of this show, Twain has promised to push the limits of a Vegas residency. It’s a tall order, given the investment and imagination in the ongoing Gwen Stefani and Christina Aguilera productions. But Twain did her groundwork, landing on Zappos Theater specifically because of its party atmosphere (including its standing pit at the front of the stage) and “gentle rake” that allows her to look her fans at close to eye level.

For local flavor, Las Vegas entertainment followers will recognize violinist Chandra Meibalane of Nina Di Gregorio’s Femmes of Rock, and also David Perrico’s Pop Strings lineup at Cleopatra’s Barge.

As a producer, Twain relishes such ode-to-Vegas video elements as tumbling dice and spinning slot reels, with fake cash showering the crowd at the jackpot moment. She swaps out her costumes six times — a full golden gown is especially eye-popping — without sacrificing the show’s crisp pace. At one point, the backing dancers wear a similar style of LED-trimmed suits used in “Michael Jackson One” at Mandalay Bay.

The set list covered the span of Shania’s career, a musical serpentine through “Up!” “That Don’t Impress Me Much,” “Any Man of Mine,” and “Forever and for Always.” She nodded to her most recent release, 2017’s “Now,” with the title track and “Life’s About To Get Good.” Click here for the full set list.

Twain dials it down to introduce her pet pooch, Melody, who reclines on a lounge and (metaphorically) gobbles up the scenery. The moment hints to Twain’s “Still The One” show at the Colosseum from 2012-2014, when she invited a horse onstage to sing the show’s title number.

Twain also invited a quartet of fans onstage for a saloon dance. Later, she corralled a couple to a candle-lit table for “From This Moment On.” Twain ends in a flourish, and not bothering with an encore, for “Man! I Feel Like A Woman!” in an all-black ensemble replete with a top hat as her dancers wore white tux jackets and matching hats. Formal and casual, all at once.

Twain showed her ease onstage throughout, at one point using a magic wand to flip away the hair falling into her face (the use of the prop might or might not have been inspired by her friendship with Carrot Top).

Midway through the show, she joked that she had began her recording career at age 8, or “22 years ago!”

“That makes me 28 now,” she announced. “Wait! No, it would make me 30!”

She laughed, saying, “I failed math! I failed math twice, actually. I did graduate eventually. But it doesn’t matter now!”

True. For Shania Twain and Las Vegas, it all adds up.


Photo: Denise Truscello



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crissypie's picture

I would like to take my mom to see Shania Twain in Vegas for Christmas and her birthday. Her and my dad went for their 50th anniversary as a gift from me and he passed away last year. She still talks about how much she loved Shania Twain in concert so hope to see dates soon so I can take her before she gets too old.

cruznloverizonnet's picture

 Are you performing this year in Vegas? My tickets were refunded for your Vegas show. I purchased 9 tickets for August 29th, 2020 only to be cancelled. Such a huge disappointment since this was the second time we have tried to see you only to be cancelled. First time was at Caesar’s Palace. Would love to see you but hesitate to purchase another set of tickets.

jakenscooter's picture

The very first cassette tape I ever bought was on Shania's first record back in the 90s.  And I've been "in love" with her ever since!!  She's an AWESOME artist and everything she touches turns to Twain Gold!!  I'm going to thoroughly enjoy this come-back!!!!!  I just wish I were able to go to Vegas to see her show...that would be the pinnacle no doubt, but I know that's not in the cards for me due to the fact that I haven't been able to work for quite a few years now bcs of having HIV over half my life (I'm now 50) and I've come down with a few side effects from having HIV for so long, and so there's simply no way I can afford to go.  But my thoughts and prayers are with you, Miss Shania!!!!

God bless,

Louis A.

fitz's picture

I am unable to travel to Vegas because of the Coronavirus situation. Is this going to be cancelled?  Would seem the only socially responsible thing to do. 

crissypie's picture

With everyone getting their vaccine in Canada and US by end of July I  don't see why it would be cancelled for dates after  that. If people don't have their vaccine the socially responsible thing to do would be stay home and follow recommendations.